Alongside our modular LED products we stock a wide range of accessories, meaning we are the only place you need to go to buy everything to complete your signage work!

We stock a range of 3M Scotchlok connectors and can recommend the most suitable one for your needs. Our most popular products are the UY2 & UR2A 'Butt' connectors which are perfect for connecting runs of LED together.

The easiest way to use these connectors is together with 3M crimping tools, and we also have 3 different types of these available. These are much better at making a secure connection than using pliers - the last thing you want is a failure just from a connector not being sealed properly.

To complete your signage you will need supply wire to connect between modules, letters, or even just from your LED power supply to the first module. For this we stock a high quality, UV stable, 18AWG Belden 2 core cable. 

All the accessories we stock have been hand picked for their quality and suitability for use with our LED systems. If you need any further information on any of these products, please get in touch.