The largest brands in automotive, financial, retail, sports and hospitality choose AgiLight products becaue they enhance their identity and add reliability. AgiLight's optoelectronic expertise has created a line of products that acheive colour control, focusing and illumination capabilities that surpass any other technology. Designers can specify lighting that fully expresses unique characteristics in the brand.  

AgiLight's products are developed and supported by a remarkable team. Commited to quality and service, their team represents more than 300 years of combined experience in the sign industry and LED technology. They are joined by partners and distributors across the planet, bringing consistent, state-of-the-art technology to all corners of the world.

Since 2003, AgiLight have successfully developed a broad range of LED sign products. They have achieved excellent results with the SignRayz series of products and are continually adding innovative products to improve performance, including the SignRayz PRO Series and BoxRayz Series. Combined with their LED drivers, they can populate channel letters, cabinet signs, low profile box signs and other applications with fewer components and more flexibility than any other technology.

AgiLight’s high performance, high quality and reliable LED lighting products deliver energy and maintenance cost savings with the best lumen per pound ratios in the business. Solid State Lighting quality and reliability standards are backed by LM79 and LM80, FCC, EDS and Ingression Protection tests. AgiLight products comply with RoHS, ULcUL and CE certification, and undergo photometric, electrical, thermal and lifetime tests. Since signage products operate in an outdoor environment, AgiLight adopts some of the most rigorous tests used by the automotive industry, such as humidity bias, thermal shock, salt fog and sulfur environment tests.

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