Parsonage Retail Park totem


Vink were recently contacted by Bolton Sign to supply LED modules for a project which involved illuminating 2 large (7 metre) double sided totems for a retail park.

The brief was simple – they wanted the signs to be as bright as possible, whilst still remaining cost effective.

Upon receiving the technical drawings of the totem, we decided that the AgiLight Pro 160 would be the most suitable module for this application. With a can depth of 110mm, the modules could be widely spread apart, yet still maintain an impressive brightness, thanks to their high 80 lumen output. This also meant that the Pro 160 worked out more cost effective than comparable systems.

Along with this, AgiLight also offer a comprehensive 5 year warranty, which gives both Bolton Sign and their client piece of mind.

After providing our quotation along with an LED layout diagram, they were happy to go ahead and use AgiLight LEDs in these totems, and you can see the impressive results in the video below.




Thanks to Bolton Sign for allowing us to use their images & videos. You can see more of their work at