In the past, retail outlets with large flexface signs have been fitted with fluorescent lamps to provide maximum impact on the passing trade and used to entice customers into their stores.
Nowadays more and more of these retailers are switching over to LED illumination for their large signs, and the benefits of doing this are clear for all to see:

• Reduced running cost – LEDs typically use around 15% of the power consumption (wattage) of an equivalent amount of fluorescent lamps.
• Environmentally friendly – Due to the reduced power consumption, companies looking to reduce their environmental impact are turning to LEDs.
• Low maintenance costs – If a section of LED does go down it can easily be taken out and replaced.
• Guaranteed - Once installed, quality LED systems are typically guaranteed for 5 years.

Most flexface signs have a deep return depth of 200mm and above. This provides a perfect opportunity for high powered LEDs to be used without risk of spotting and giving an extremely bright, even illumination. 

We have a variety of LED systems that are suitable for flexface signs, and will work with you to find the best option for your needs – whether you are looking for the best value branded illumination, or money is no option and you want the brightest solution on the market – all from the 2 best known names in the LED lighting industry. Please give our quotation team a call on 01902 409205 to discuss your needs and put forward the options available to you.